A win for civil discourse? -In defense of my former professor

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FYI This is a follow up to my PREVIOUS post (linked in red below). If you haven’t yet, please check it out. I was worried that an insightful response to my message would yield no response or a hostile retort. I’m happy to say I was wrong y’all. Read the messages from my former instructor below and tell me what you think. ✌🏿

“I really appreciate your taking time to share this with me Sean. It’s clearly more complex than my simplistic takeaway which was really came down to part about choice. There were other threads in there that I don’t necessarily pretend to understand or endorse especially the critique about black lives matter movement regarding black on black crime. In instances where a longer video package has been heavily edited such as this one it is also clear that the biases of the editor are brought to the forefront and we lose much of the contextual understanding so necessary for a more complete picture (comments taken out of context). I can see now that the few bits I found enlightening especially about the choices each of us can make are small in comparison and likely overshadowed by the complex of other issues and biases that I appear to have endorsed without intending to by sharing the whole video.”

“I take your part about taking the race discussion out of black and white terms can appear to suggest that the issue doesn’t exist and I should have been more clear that white establishment on Latino, American Indian, lgbtq or many other minorities helps me see the picture more completely even though it is at its most stark in black and white terms. My point there is to show that racism is a larger problem than how it is being reduced and I certainly don’t intend to reduce it myself”

“Thanks for the good conversation I appreciate it. Open honest and informed conversation is the basis of true learning since Socrates if not before. And so I don’t forget – I abhor celebrity culture almost as much as the attempt to capitalize on it. And as a scholar – when I’m not being a musician – I’ve grown accustomed to see ideas in their own right and don’t think I’ve ever looked up an author to see if they are black and white. So looking back on that post i saw the headline was “black celebrities” I had overlooked that originally but on second look that particular combination should have set
Me on a different path. It came from a musician I respect and I must have overlooked that red flag. Thanks for helping me get straight 🙂”

“You could have easily written
Me off but you reached
Out instead. I appreciate you as well”

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