Stuff About Sean

If you don’t know who you are, how can your dreams come true?

-50 Cent

poet, author, teacher, and lover of lengthy language; lost in the languid and woeful world of social just-us. I heard the foolishness too, and now I’m saying Stuff.

Sean Brown is a native of Long Island, NY where he lived for 18 years. A former pastor and son of an NYPD sergeant. The TFA (Teach For America) alumnus with an MBA.

Sean is an expert at using facial expressions as a form of social justice.

The Educator-Administrator; Sean also founded a spoken word poetry organization aiming to use poetry to provide a safe engaging atmosphere for students, increase literacy, and to help Black students unlock the power of their voice.

Sean is the person who makes sense of the struggle.

As a griot, preacher, poet, storyteller; Sean uses poignant poetry and prose to voice his take on the Black American experience.

The well dressed, James Baldwin inspired scribe; Sean is a social critic, and when he is not writing about change, making it in schools, or traveling to promote it… he blogs.