Grace as self-care

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Failure and success are not moments. What this means is that momentary events of victory or defeat don’t have the power to define your ongoing reality. In other words, “You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated.” -Maya Angelou

Defining success/failure in terms of passing occasions has an inherent and unavoidable pitfall. The drawback is that you outlive the moments. The reason we love Instagram is that it affords us the ability to tell our own story by curating points in time that best fit our agenda and share them with the world. In real life we lived pass the vacation, the outfit, the meal. With an app we have the opportunity to lock-in the moment, and at best fool others into thinking that these highlights are the sum of our life.

Likewise when we judge ourselves by our failures and defeats we cage ourselves inside of painful moments that have thankfully, passed. We should instead give self the grace that we inevitably afford to others. The grace to try again.

When we start from a standpoint of grace as self-care we in essence make it impossible to become failures. What we say to ourselves is that one (or many) mistake(s) doesn’t define us or limit ourself worth. This is because we can begin again.

I’ve only known humans with this power-set. The ability to recreate and reinvent the self. This is the power to resurrect from trauma and loss. Don’t deny yourself this. Forgive yourself if necessary. Begin again.

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