The Weinstein effect (currency)

Posted by seanbrown2020

I will not write this poem to you again
Yet this will not be the final time
White men refuse to keep their hands
To themselves
How is that different from yesterday
Not everyone
But a few
Don’t lecture a black man on generalizations
How one brother does not categorize a group
The Weinstein Effect
Why keep your hands
God Currency 
To yourself
When your history revolves around groping generations
I’m not sure a few court cases can solve it
Your country gets off 
on slipping its political penis into something small 
and impoverished
It’s probably hard to teach Harvey
or anyone that turned stolen private property into privilege-
That other people’s privates are not the personal property of their privilege
A surprisingly substantial set of seemingly shocked sirs
stunned because someone they courted
labels their obviously unwanted advances as unwanted
But there’s always a disconnect between the dictator
and the damned
I will not wear this skin for you again
Yet this will not be the final time
Our dollars and dreams are designed to fulfill the dietary needs 
of a gluttonous government
Fighting for a fistful of dollars to feed your family
and on the cover of the currency is the face of someone
who 200 years ago would’ve raped your mammy
Of course we gotta complex
We can’t trace our roots 
So we watch roots
And Django
Like homemade videos 
And then go
Out into alien terrain
A thin glow
Bleeds over the holes in our brain
And we forget
That we forgot
We forgotten
Now tame

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